Arrival by air

Pulkovo Airport (LED) is St. Petersburg’s only airport that serves scheduled flights. Pulkovo Airport remains open. Flights are operated from the Russian cities as well as from several foreign countries and cities. More information on arrival to St. Petersburg is available on the Pulkovo Airport website.

If there is no direct flight between your point of departure and St. Petersburg, you can fly via Moscow. There are more than 40 flights a day between Moscow and St. Petersburg, departing from three Moscow airports – Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. The approximate flight time is 90 minutes.

Pulkovo Airport is located 17 km from the historic centre of St. Petersburg. The journey from the airport to the Congress venue takes about 30–60 minutes (depending on the traffic).

Pulkovo Airport

Address: 41/ZA, Pulkovskoye Shosse, St. Petersburg

Tel.: +7 (812) 337 3822, +7 (812) 337 3444


VIP aircraft and passenger service (domestic flights only)

Tel.: +7 (812) 324 3446, +7 (812) 324 3644, +7 (921) 765 2620, +7 (921) 909 0440


Pulkovo 3 Business Aviation Centre

Operational dispatch service (24 hours):

Address: 37/5A, Pulkovskoye Shosse, St. Petersburg

Tel.: +7 (812) 240 0287, +7 (921) 961 1820, +7 (964) 342 2817

Fax: +7 (812) 240 0288





Passenger services (24 hours):

Tel.: +7 (812) 240 0305, +7 (911) 757 2500


A-Group Business Aviation Centre

Address: 17/A, Startovaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg

Tel.: +7 (812) 677 7645

Fax: +7 (812) 677 7642





Luggage and customs control

Commercial airline passengers are advised to familiarise themselves with any baggage size and weight restrictions in order to avoid extra charges and inconvenience. For safety reasons, dangerous materials, objects and liquids may not be carried in hand or checked baggage.

For a full list of items requiring a written customs declaration and to find out how to fill in the declaration form, see the Customs section on the Pulkovo Airport website.

Aeroexpress trains in Moscow

If you arrive in the Russian Federation at one of Moscow’s airports and are planning to take a train to St. Petersburg, we recommend using the services of the Aeroexpress trains to get from any of the airports to the centre of Moscow:

Most of the trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg depart from the Leningradsky Rail Terminal in Moscow and arrive at the Moskovsky Rail Terminal in St. Petersburg. The nearest metro station to Leningradsky Rail Terminal in Moscow is Komsomolskaya.

Arrival by rail

St. Petersburg has five railway terminals: Moskovsky, Ladozhsky, Vitebsky, Finlyandsky and Baltiysky. All St. Petersburg railway terminals offer convenient links to public transport and receive commuter, intercity and international trains.

Moscow–St. Petersburg

Up to 15 high-speed Sapsan trains travel daily from the Leningradsky and Kursky Railway Terminals in Moscow to Moskovsky Railway Terminal in St. Petersburg, taking between 3.5 and 4 hours. Click here for a detailed Sapsan train timetable.

Moskovsky Railway Terminal:

Address: 85, Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Ploshchad Vosstaniya Metro station

Russian Railways call centre

Tel.: +7 (800) 775 0000



Reference information about St. Petersburg

Weather in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a mild and humid coastal climate. The average temperature at the end of May can range from +16°С to +25°С.

Owing to the city’s geographical position and proximity to the Baltic Sea, the weather can change unexpectedly, so we advise guests bring warm clothing and an umbrella.

Time zone

Local time in St. Petersburg is UTC+3.

Exchange rate

For the latest exchange rates, please see the Central Bank of the Russian Federation website:

Bank cards

Although most restaurants and many shops in St. Petersburg accept bank cards, it is recommended to carry cash as well.

Power supply (socket types)

The power supply in Russia is 220V (50–60Hz). Type C and F sockets are common. If you plan to bring electrical appliances requiring a higher voltage or if you might need another socket type, we suggest you bring an adapter with you.

Mobile network

St. Petersburg operators offer a variety of mobile telecommunications services in the GSM, UMTS and LTE standards. Guests to the city may purchase SIM cards of local mobile operators. All mobile operators provide mobile Internet services.

The biggest mobile operators in St. Petersburg are:

Under Russian laws, a participant must be physically present and show a Russian or other passport in order to purchase a SIM card and sign a contract for mobile communication services.

Medical insurance

Participants are advised to buy a voluntary medical insurance policy for foreigners, which can be ordered in advance or purchased on arrival.

Insurance of foreign citizens visiting Russia is a popular service offered by many insurance companies throughout the country.

Policies for foreign citizens may cover the following risks:

Useful telephone numbers in St. Petersburg

Below are the direct telephone numbers of city emergency services:

Rescue service (for mobile network subscribers): 112.

Fire service: 101 (from a mobile phone), 01.

Police: 102 (from a mobile phone), 02.

Emergency medical service: 103 (from a mobile phone), 03.

Free enquiry service (round the clock): 064.

Tourist information support: +7 (812) 242 3906 (Mon – Sat, 10:00–19:00).