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  • How much is the participation fee?

    Participation in the 9th Nevsky International Ecological Congress is free of charge.

  • How can I participate?

    To participate in the Congress, please complete an application form on the Congress website. Applications will be reviewed by the organizing committee. If your request is approved, you will be sent an official invitation, together with a letter detailing how to access the personal web office on the Congress website. Once you have received your invitation, please confirm your participation (or inform the organizers that you will no longer be able to participate) via the personal web office.

  • What is the deadline for submitting participation applications?

    Participation applications will be accepted until 21:00 21 May 2021.

  • Does the Congress cover accommodation, travel and catering costs?

    Costs for transport, accommodation, and catering are covered by the participants. A cafe and buffets (cash payment only) will operate at the Tavricheskiy Palace.

  • What is the personal web office?

    The personal web office is a special section of the Congress website for participants. Participants can use the personal web office to edit their personal data, upload a photograph for their badge, and request services.

  • How can I reset my personal web office login and password?

    Each participant’s personal web office login and password are specified in the letter accompanying their invitation to the Congress. If you need this information to be resent, please contact the specialist indicated in the invitation to the Congress. You can confirm the details of your contact person by calling the Congress Information Centre on +7 (812) 635 9948.

  • How can I access the Congress venue?

    An accreditation badge will be required to access the venue. Badges are issued to specific individuals and are not transferable. You must keep your badge and ID with you at all times when at the Congress venue.

  • How do I get my participant badge?

    Badges can be collected in person or by an authorized representative from one of the Congress accreditation points. The locations and operating hours of the accreditation points will be published nearer the time of the event.

  • Can one organization representative collect the badges of all people participating in the Congress from that organization?

    Absolutely. The authorized representative will need to present their passport, the original copy of the official power of attorney form, and a list of participants, together with copies of their passports. The power of attorney form and an example of how to complete it will be available for download from the Congress website nearer the time of the event.