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Vladimir Putin’s Greetings to Participants, Organizers and Guests of 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin extended a message of greeting to participants representing scientific, expert, and business circles and state and public organizations from all over the world to the 10th Anniversary Nevsky International Ecological Congress in St. Petersburg. The address has been posted on the Kremlin website

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues Ruslan Edelgeriyev read out the official greeting during the Congress plenary session.

The President of the Russian Federation noted that the effective management of natural resources served as the foundation for a government’s sustainable development and that it directly affected the conservation of ecosystem biodiversity, and most importantly, the health and quality of life of millions of people, so that environmental protection, the rational use of natural resources, and environmental safety were national priorities for Russia.

“The National Ecology Project and related federal programmes are being successfully implemented to achieve these goals, and more and more environmental events are taking place in the regions, with a growing number of participants and volunteers getting involved. Such a comprehensive and creative approach helps to increase environmental awareness within society and among young people. I would like to note that we would be happy to share our positive experience with our foreign colleagues and to look more closely at their work in this field,” President Vladimir Putin emphasized.

The President of the Russian Federation expressed confidence that the 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress would be well organized and would unite the efforts of the authorities, civic institutions, and all those concerned with protecting nature and preserving its unique riches.

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