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  • Russian Environmental Operator (REO) is a state-owned company established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the purpose of the formation of a federal waste management system. Its purposes also include the reduction of generation of waste and the development of waste processing infrastructure, the provision of industrial investment support, the involvement of waste in economic circulation, the creation of a new environmental culture among the population and the promotion of separate waste collection. By 2030, 100% of generated waste in Russia will be sorted, and the amount of waste that ends up on landfills will be reduced by half. The development of the circular economy will allow the recycled waste to be used in the construction of roads and buildings, in agriculture and other industries.

  • The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is a multi-industry holding company that comprises assets in power engineering, machine building, and construction.  Its strategy is to develop low-carbon generation, including wind power.  ROSATOM is the national leader in power generation (accounting for about 20% of the country's total output) and ranks first globally in terms of the size of its portfolio of orders for the construction of nuclear power plants: 33 power units in 10 countries are at different stages of implementation. ROSATOM includes over 350 enterprises and organizations employing a total of more than 290,000 people.

    The ROSATOM business strategy is guided by the international sustainable development agenda. ROSATOM makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a low-carbon electricity company, developing nuclear, hydrogen and wind energy. Annually, Russian-designed nuclear power plants prevent more than 210 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the main cause of climate change.

Official Partner

  • PJSC Promsvyazbank (PSB) is a universal bank founded in 1995.

    PSB is included in the TOP-5 Russian largest banks and in the list of systemically important credit institutions, approved by the Central Bank, legally defined as a pivotal bank for carrying out operations under the state defense order and large state contracts.

    PSB offers a wide range of services for retail and corporate clients, including defense industry enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, including settlement and cash services, various lending and savings programs, brokerage and investment services in the financial markets, leasing and factoring operations, payroll projects and remote services.


  • PАО Severstal is one of the world’s most efficient metals and mining companies, working with customers and partners to create new products and integrated solutions from steel. Above 53.800 employees.

    Share of high-value added steels in Severstal’s product portfolio is 45% (at the end of Q4 2021).

    Severstal’s flagship plant – Cherepovets Steel Mill – is one of the world’s largest integrated and the most efficient steelworks (around 12 mln tonnes of finished steel capacity) with an excellent geographic location.

    The majority shareholder and Chairman of Severstal is Alexey Mordashov, CEO is Alexander Shevelev.

    In 2021, Severstal produced 11.6 mln tonnes of crude steel, reported revenue of $11.6 bln and EBITDA of $6 bln. Severstal is a global leader by EBITDA margin 51% in 2021.

  • PhosAgro Group is among the global leaders in the production of phosphate-based mineral fertilizers and high-grade phosphate rock. 

    Free of concentrations of cadmium and other toxic substances that are hazardous to human health and soils, PhosAgro’s high-performance fertilizers are used to grow environmentally friendly crops in some 100 countries around the world. 

    The Company’s strategic priority is the Russian market, where for many years it has been a leader in the supply of all types of fertilizers and has acted as a guarantor of national food security. 

    In 2022, the Company ramped up its support for social and charitable projects by nearly 150%, to a record RUB 12.9 billion. In addition, PhosAgro’s tax payments increased by 50%, to over RUB 59 billion.

    Over the next five years, PhosAgro plans to invest more than RUB 250 billion, including nearly RUB 67 billion in 2023, an increase of 6% over last year’s record capex.

Strategic media partners

  • The newspaper Vedomosti, published by Business News Media JSC, has for more than 20 years confirmed its indisputable authority on the market of leading economic and business media in Russia.

    Vedomosti is a reliable and up-to-date newspaper that focuses on companies’ news and markets and allows the readers to make their own opinion on all issues of the economy and business processes, macroeconomic development and the influence of political factors on them; expert commentary on issues of concern to the business community, interviews with contemporary figures in their fields. Vedomosti’s editorial policy fully meets the demands of its readers for deliberated, analytical, and objective coverage of events in both business and political areas.

    Top managers and business owners constitute the major part of Vedomosti’s audience, which proves the high standards of business reporting.

    Apart from the newspaper and the web-page (, Vedomosti includes a wide range of standalone projects and supplements.

  • “RG Media” is a media holding with a 30—year history that provides timely and reliable information about the most significant events of federal, regional and international scale 24/7. It explores news, reports, exclusive interviews, and comments from statesmen and influential representatives of business, political and cultural life of the country in all digital formats and print.

    The media holding includes:

    “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” , a daily print publication that is the leader in terms of the volume of the federal audience among daily socio-political newspapers.

    “Rossiyskaya Gazeta – Nedelya”, a weekly issue for family reading, offering its audience not only key topics analytics for the week, but also explaining federal initiatives and significant events in the country in an accessible way.

    “Rodina”, a monthly historical magazine with a 140–year history.

    RG.RU,  an information portal that occupies a leading position in terms of the site's audience among the media.

  • FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is one of the most influential media holdings in the regions of Russia.  It provides timely information, analytics, and research in politics and economy, both in over 80 regions of Russia, as well as in Moscow, to public authorities and the political and business establishment of Russian regions and the official Moscow. 

    In the 15 years of work in Russian regions, FederalPress has acquired reputation and authority as an influential information resource among the Russian political and business elite and general public. 

    FederalPress focuses on a target audience that may be characterized as "influence groups": federal and regional structures of public and municipal government agencies; experts in various areas of economics and finance; federal and regional mass media. 

    Currently, FederalPress is a mass media holding that largely influences the news agenda in Russia. Monthly audience of the FederalPress media is over 6,000,000 visitors. 

  • Federal News Agency ( is a modern and popular resource dedicated to social and political life in Russia and in the world. RIAFAN offers its readers a complete information picture of the day — up-to-date and versatile coverage of current event, interviews with politicians, and exclusive materials from flashpoint areas. 

    Today, the correspondents of Federal News Agency work wherever events of interest to our readers take place: in Paris and London, in Caracas and Aleppo, in Khartoum and Cairo, in Washington and Chicago, in Kiev and Kharkiv. Our journalists always confirm their information with up-to-date photos and footages.

    FNA has over 30 million unique visitors per month. Over 15 million of unique readers visit the mobile version of the website every month.

    The main office of editors is located in St. Petersburg. The agency also has a representative office in Moscow, where full-time reporters and analysts work.

  • EcoStandard.journal is a federal media for heads of services and departments of labor protection, industrial and environmental safety, directors of sustainable development and top management of companies.

    We write about an informed approach to preserving the physical and mental health of employees, reducing the negative impact on the environment, effective implementation of ESG principles in company policies, provide expert analysis of legislation, talk to top management of business and government officials, and report on future trends and technologies that are changing our lives today.

Informational partners

  • RBC is a leading business media, that has been helping to find important information for the last 25 years. 
    Established in 1993, it began with the distribution of printouts of stock quotes and exchange rates.   In 1995, the website was created, in 2003 the first business TV channel in Russian was launched, in 2006 the RBC Daily newspaper and RBC Magazine appeared, in the same year RBC began to hold business events. In 2010, thematic projects appeared - Autonews, Real Estate, Style and RBC Market Research (marketplace research and research agency). In 2014, all platforms were united under a single RBC brand: digital, TV channel, press. In 2019, new projects were launched - RBC Pro (professional information for business) and RBC Trends. 

    Our audience is professionals, business owners and government officials. These are economically active people who value their time, so we distribute content wherever it is convenient to consume it: on the website, in mobile, on social networks, TV channel, daily newspaper and magazine.

    RBC's ecosystem is now digital (website: mobile applications, social networks), video (TV channel, YouTube, alternative distribution in business centers, hotels and restaurants), press (subscription and alternative distribution, including Aeroflot and S7) and business - conferences.



    The total audience coverage of RBC on its own platforms, according to MediaScope, is 24 million people (8,6 million people on the Internet, 2,1 million in the press, 16,6 million on the TV channel). We are also developing our YouTube channel which contains already 9,8K videos and 930K subscribers. 


  • “Expert” magazine is one of the most influential monthly business analytical editions in Russia. For more than 20 years of its existence, the edition has managed to earn a reputation as the undoubted leader of the Russian business magazine press. Over the years, the editorial staff of “Expert North-West” has managed to create a single media field in the region and become a platform for constructive dialogue between business, society and government. The staff of the magazine regularly initiates round tables and conferences, where the professional community can solve important issues of interaction between business and government, expose the problems of the North-West and demonstrate possible solutions. The edition is an information partner of the largest economic forums, cultural events.

  • "MK in St. Petersburg" - the most important news of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

    We build an information agenda based on current news in politics, economics, society, culture, science and sports.

    MK in Petersburg" brand includes:

    - Russian regional weekly. Socio-political news paper with reviews and articles.

    - News website

  • Holding 1MI – multidisciplinary communicational holding, founded in 2016. Today it has one of the biggest local chains of socio-political regional media and a number of open communities on social networks. Its assets are in Nizhny Novgorod, Stavropol, Ufa, Izhevsk, Kazan, Petrozavodsk, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Omsk, Tumen, Volgograd, Orenburg, Belgorod, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Khabarovsk, Abakan, Novosibirsk, Krashoyarsk, Perm. During the 2022 1MI schedule to increase the number of regions of its operation up to 30 and become the regional reach leader in Russia. 

    The regional internet-media monthly audience is more than 14 million unique users (almost 60 million views) and it’s growing – 2.7 times increase since January, 2016. The main audience of 1MI’s internet-resources – middle-aged and older people. The great amount of 1MI’s assets take place in TOP-5 publications in its regions of operation, all media take place in TOP-10 according to Medialogia. 

    1MI has its own chain of open communities on various social networks (VK, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Telegram channels), the regional ecosystem’s overall coverage is more than 62 million users.

    General Director 1MI (“PremierMediaInvest” OOO (limited liability company)) – Fedor Nikolaevich Shcherbakov.

  • An international business magazine covering problems,

    the search for their solutions in the field of ecology and safe production, technological achievements among chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and other enterprises of the Russian and foreign industries operating in the CIS.

    Circulation: 1500 copies Distribution: throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, foreign countries. They are received by the relevant committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. 

    Departments of ministries and departments of the Government of the Russian Federation, regional and republican administrations, environmental organizations, industrial enterprises, scientific institutes